Welcome to the Accra Medical Centre

Resource Management

The Company continues to deliver superior financial results in spite of the economic challenges.

2014 is the end of our three year strategic plan: 2012 to 2014, in which we sought to propel
the Company to the upper tiers of private healthcare delivery in the Accra Metropolis and as
a market leader in our chosen demographic segment.

We are happy to report that we have made significant progress in achieving this objective.
Furthermore, we have more than doubled our patient registry, reduced our retained losses from the first year operations and continue to strengthen our balance sheet and enhance our income generation ability, whilst focusing on delivering superior value service to clients, other Stakeholders and the shareholders.

We are putting in place a comprehensive strategic plan for the next five years: 2015 - 2020, following the completion and review of the current three year plan at year end 2014. The five year plan will include:

  • Expansion from a four bed facility into a twenty bed facility
  • Expansion of diagnostic services especially into cardiovascular management
  • Expansion of dispensary services into a full-fledged pharmacy
  • Expansion of the specialist services
  • Creation of a surgical unit
  • Operation of a 24 hour facility

We believe the adoption of this six-point plan should evolve us into a complete one-stop facility and further propel us into a dominant healthcare provider in the Accra Metropolis. Through the disciplined execution of our strategic plan, we expect to further continue with the increase in the operational utilization of the business.

We feel proud to say that despite a very challenging operating environment , Accra Medical Centre has maintained its culture of enhanced healthcare delivery and innovation. As a business, we are monitoring developments in the local and external economy to ensure we take advantage of emerging opportunities to enhance our service offering and create value to both clients and shareholders.

The fundamentals and philosophy underpinning our service delivery however remains the same. These values which guarantee a satisfying healthcare experience for our clients are:

  • A cost efficient and operationally effective set-up
  • An innovative and technologically savvy diagnosis support infrastructure
  • A timely and reliable service delivery system
  • An experienced and dedicated human capital
  • A prudent financial management business structure