Welcome to the Accra Medical Centre

Mission, Vision, Strategic Aims and Values

Our Mission:

To provide our clients the highest quality medical care in an expedited and affordable manner and to guarantee our clients a satisfying healthcare experience in an ultra - modern ambience

Our Vision:

To deliver safe, high quality, people-centered, compassionate care in an ultra - modern ambience every day

Our Strategic Aims:

  • Recognize the client and patient as the reason we are here
  • Achieve the highest, evidence-based international standards in a safe, caring environment
  • Educate the client, patients, families, other stakeholders and staff using our clinical and professional expertiseStructure services to ensure sustainable quality and cost
  • Collaborate with our stakeholders to advocate for health system reforms and improvements
  • Build client and staff confidence in AMC

Our Values:

Respect - Treating clients, patients, colleagues and all other stakeholders with professionalism and empathy, and honoring each other
- Taking ownership and responsibility, and meeting the highest standards of governance
Integrity - Delivering a transparent, trusted, confidential, ethical service, where people do the right things for the right reasons
Service - Above all, caring for and acting in the best interests of our clients, patients and the community
Excellence - Aspiring to be the best in all we do